Slowdown (feat. Mandy Barry) (Single)

March 18, 2022
Andrew Scott Denlinger
Andrew Scott Denlinger
Producer: Andrew Scott Denlinger

“Slowdown (feat. Mandy Barry)”

©2022 Andrew Scott Denlinger
Songwriters Andrew Scott Denlinger and Rick Tiger Produced by Andrew Scott Denlinger
Mixing and Additional Recording by Rex Carroll
Additional Vocals by Mandy Barry
Drums by Sam Barsi
Bass Guitar by Zachary Goforth
Pedal Steel by Pat Lyons
Piano and Organ by Michael Hartigan
BMI # 55216847


Andrew’s third single “Slowdown (feat. Mandy Barry)” is highlighted by the classic cry of a pedal steel, played by Patrick Lyons, and the soulful vocals of Mandy Barry. Slowdown gives the listener a momentary escape to refocus on the things that matter most in life. “It’s my wife’s favorite, and a co-written tune with my friend Rick Tiger. For that and many other reasons, I am extremely excited to share this song!”
© 2022