“Traveling Band” MUSIC VIDEO | Andrew Scott Denlinger


Traveling Band is the second video and single from Andrew Scott Denlinger, released on September 22nd 2021.

Produced by Andrew Scott Denlinger

Mixing and Additional Recording by Rex Carroll

Drums by Sam Barsi

Final Solo By by Pat Lyons

Harmonica By Andy Holcomb

Video Concept and Direction by Andrew Scott Denlinger

Filming by David Wonder

So… what is American-Rock? “I see it as a musical representation of the world- kind of a sonic blending of our humanity. It’s all the influences in my life: rock, blues, country, grunge, pop, and even r&b all wrapped up in one sound… That’s pretty American if you ask me!”
“Traveling Band” ©2021 Andrew Scott Denlinger andrewscottdenlinger.com
Words and Music by Andrew Scott Denlinger. Filmed on August 26th, 2021 in Chesterton, Indiana, United States of America
© 2023 AndrewScottDenlinger.com