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A couple months ago I got to sit down with a former college Professor and friend Cliff Williams. We talked through my journey from childhood till now, the ups and the downs, wrestling with life, faith, and myself- and how I’ve continued to create and make music through the years. Take a read if you wanna know more!

[UPDATE April 9, 2024: Cliff will be compiling our conversation with the stories of many other individuals in an upcoming book. My story has been removed from the internet for now and I have removed the link from this post. I will create a new link to his book when the time comes. For now you can get a glimpse of our discussion in the excerpts below.]



“When I was a freshman in high school, my parents gave me a bass guitar for Christmas. The person at the guitar shop told my mom there needed to be more bass players in the world, because everybody was buying regular guitars but no one really knew how to play the bass.

“There was a spark in me from day one. I remember lying on the couch that Christmas break with the guitar on my chest, not even plugged in, feeling the vibrations as I picked out the notes of the songs I heard on a CD. Almost immediately I started writing songs, which I had never done before. I became the bassist in a metal band that I formed with three friends from school,, and I invited my parents to the first show we performed…”

“In May of 2021, I released my first single, and in August of that year, a second one. This past February, in 2023, I released my fourth one. These are digital releases on all of the streaming services, including Spotify. It used to be that radio was the big place where people could hear music. But that has changed. Now it is playlists online.

“So I had to figure out how to get myself listed on various playlists, then be consistent about putting out new songs. I put out a lyric video for every song I released to let people know what I was singing about. I made my art visible in every space and place possible.

“I had waited for so long trying to find out how to bring listeners to my music. Eventually I learned the importance of bringing the music to the world. It was always going to be up to me to do the work. . . .

“What keeps me going is creating music. I love moments when I and my listeners are connected. These energize me. . . .

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