Interview with Katie Arvia of the Lansing Journal

I had the opportunity to virtually “sit down” with Katie Arvia of the Lansing Journal to discuss my upcoming single, music video, and solo project plans. Read on to see what we talked about!

Lansing musician Andrew Denlinger releases new single May 14

LANSING, Ill. (May 13, 2021) – In progress since 2019, Lansing musician Andrew Denlinger is releasing his new single, “Alright (Feelin’ Pretty Fine)” on Friday, May 14. Described by Denlinger as “American-Rock,” the single’s sound was inspired by a variety of musical genres and experiences.
“The way I describe American-Rock is: rock’n’roll that incorporates the mix of cultures and people from all over our country. I wasn’t inspired by just one thing,” Denlinger explained…




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