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“What’s so special about playlists?” you ask. Well- it’s an easy way to place my new single along with some of your other favorite songs and artists and share that with the world of people who love the same things YOU do! Especially on platforms like Spotify , where it is common to listen to and find playlists created by total strangers, songs from new and unknown artists (like myself… eh hem…) can be heard alongside other tunes from the soundtrack of your life.

Check out my playlist!

To give you an example I wanted to share a playlist of my own!  I created a 3 hour mix of songs that have inspired me over the past couple years as I have worked to write and record this upcoming album. Then within that 3+ hours I included my song “Alright (Feelin’ Pretty Fine)” 3 times. My thought was: “Once an hour will keep the song fresh with out over-playing it.”

But you DO YOU! Slip it in however it works best for you and your personal style. And take a listen to my playlist! Hope you enjoy! My playlist is gonna great for runners, people who love to hit the gym, working out in the yard, chilling with friends and family, traveling on a road trip… I mean, this could go on.

Basically, what I am saying is… you can do American Stuff, listening to this American-Rock.

Hope you’re FEELIN’ ALRIGHT today! You are loved.





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